lll▷ HOW TO WIN AT SLOTS | Tips & Secrets To Beat Online Casinos

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lll▷ HOW TO WIN AT SLOTS | Tips & Secrets To Beat Online Casinos

Tips & Secrets To Win At Online Casinos

Passion for slots? You are in the right place

Thanks to our passion for slot machines, we decided to share our tips with other fans, based on our experience in this fascinating world of online gambling.

The best slot machines is now known are those of online casinos, and that's where you can win real jackpots.
Everyone knows that slots in bars are in favour of those who administer the game, and in many countries many are at very high risk of being illegal and therefore unauthorized by local authorities, should there be any rules at all.

The slots of online casinos are instead all safe and controlled by government administrations, as in the case of most European countries, some USA states and other parts of the world too. That said, everyone is free to act as they want.
The writer has great personal experience as a slot machine player over many years, since the days when I lived in California, USA and was a frequent visitor to Las Vegas in Nevada.
I certainly ain't rich by playing slots, but I have my satisfaction in terms of fun and adrenaline that this type of game gives me. This has absolutely nothing to do with the so-called gambling addiction, where a person does not think of anything but the game, or even worse, gamble with money that can not afford to lose if things turn bad.
I've never been like this and NEVER will be. In fact, I've always had the maximum self-control, and for this I am writing here with the hope of being able to help someone not to make mistakes and possibly make money by playing slots in some online casinos, while having fun ...
During the last few years there has been a great evolution in the games available at online casinos and many are truly fascinating and wonderful to play because of the characters, graphics and sounds.
It's also great to play while sitting comfortably in front of the computer at home, at any time of the day or night, without any real casino attendant who can distract us or create suggestions of any kind.
Unfortunately, dear friends, I must tell you that there is no magic formula to win at slots, but rather the "rules" to follow, trying to stick to them as anything else that you have to be careful not to overdo.

   The Necessary Capital

We must never risk more than we can afford to lose. However, knowing that we can not always win, we need to have a certain amount of money available in our bankroll, even better if part of it is given to us for free from the casino. The more money you have available, the more chances you have to come out of negative sessions.

   Get it whenever you can

We know that to have new customers and beat competitors, many online casinos offer extremely attractive welcome bonuses that can match the players first deposit, usually by 100% but in many cases even up to 200% or 300%. Well, there is nothing better than this to start playing with the casino money, while keeping yours safe. Of course, you have to read the Terms & Conditions and the related wagering requirement (if any) associated with the bonus.

  A major factor to consider

We presume that any slot player would like to win. Therefore, if you play to win, providing you will like a specific slot game and eventually learn how it's bonuses and paylines can work in your favour, it is advisable to aim for the "Highest Paying Slots" being those with the highest RTP (Return To Player) % rate, which is imposed by each software provider & online casino. To find out the Best Paying Slots currently available, see our specific section. Usually online casino slots pay back to players between 95% and 98%, but in some cases even up to 99%!!!

   The secret of savvy slot players

Our experience in this field has made us realise that savvy slot players who play to win tend to stick to slot games with more reels and paylines. More paylines means that you increase your chances of winning providing you play on all of them contemporarily. Ideally 50 paylines and more would be best.

   A mathematical fact

Experienced players always start with low value bets, but then they increase such value as they continue play. Online slots pay well after at least 70-80 spins. However some players have hit a jackpot after just one spin! Lucky them.

   Where the jackpots are

Modern video slots usually have lower RTP payour rate than the older style 3-reels, but these are usually the ones with progressive jackpots, that sometimes are truly life changing. We know that younger players prefer these, also because they are generally easier to play.

   Know when to stop

Finally, know how and when to stop playing if you are tired. Try to have self-control. Do not stay on the same slot machine for many hours, but change game often during the same session. Never more than an hour at the same slot!

How much can you win by playing online slots?

Unfortunately it is not easy to answer this simple question, as the question should be answered with another question, being: How much can you afford to play every spin?

If you play only a few cents on each line the result will certainly be limited, both in winnings and in any losses.

If on the contrary, you can afford to bet a minimum of €/$0.50 per spin and gradually increase the stake value as you carry on playing on the same slot machine, well then, in case you hit some free spins (where available) and other types of bonuses, it is easy to imagine that the situation can change drastically in your favour...

Let's not forget that it is also a good idea to try you luck at online slots that have jackpots ready to be won, and some of them can really be life-changing as sometimes the amounts are the equicalent of winning a lottery.

In any case, when you gamble you can win and you can lose, but it's important to know that when you hit a negative day, even if you lose, you should stop without rancor.

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